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Alireza's 3ds max Section

This page features some of my work in 3ds max versions 4 and 5. It includes photos, scenes, and materials. ONLY scenes that are free are displayed here (and they are few). If you want the actual scenes of the other images, just send me an electron.


Here are the images I have made (including those in 3ds max 4) :

(Click on any thumbnail for a larger image)

Nice plump cherries. Anybody who has seen them wants to take a bite out of them!

A wine glass with a dragon around it.

I did this to see if I could make realistic metals. The result is one of my favorite images. What are they? I've been asked that 1000 times. I don't know and I don't care.

I modified MetalObjects into yellow, red and blue (for BMA). Looks cool, huh?

Making this plant was easy, and it didn't require complicated materials. I admit I designed the flowerpot a little badly.

A simple scene featuring 30000 blades of grass and two rocks (with a little fog). The dirt looks cool close-up.

One of my earliest works. a simple watch with simple materials.

A bunch of cones with raytraced materials rendered from above. I like the effect.

Okay, I admit I made this one a little badly too. The chain just never got right.

A cool organic-looking scaly sphere in a desert.

One day, I just got the idea of a spoonship in my head and I HAD to make it. I think it looks really cool.

Okay, obviously this isn't mine. It is the monster that ships with 3ds max. I just added a little fur and I think I made it look really realistic.

A lego DNA Double-Helix! I joined the legos exactly the way they join in the real world.

I made this in an attempt to make a face with only the eyes, nose and mouth. Pretty cool, eh?

The one and only human face I've made in 3dsmax. The hair adds a cool touch.


Here are the some of their scenes (as I said they are only few) :

(Click on any thumbnail to download it.)

How do I do it?

If you want to take a beginner and/or intermediate class (or two) on 3ds max, check out my tutorials on the links below.

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